Meet Howell Silverman

About us

Howell Silverman is a licensed Insurance Broker specializing in Personal & Business Insurance Lines.

Howell is dedicated to his clients and committed to excellence. 

Since founding the agency in 2008, he continually maintains and expands his knowledge and breadth of services through education and relationships with carriers, service providers and industry professionals. 

Insurance is complicated with lots of hard to understand industry specific “jargon”. Each type of coverage has many, many, many moving parts. Howell’s strong communication skills allow him to break down the “jargon” and explain complicated ideas simply and effectively. His clients thank him for his unparalleled patience, follow up, support and expert advice. 

Howell is always ready to help you learn about your options with a no pressure conversation. You’ll be impressed with his breadth of knowledge, communication skills and follow through.

Commitment To Excellence
Howell Silverman is a licensed insurance broker able to offer all forms of Insurance coverage but specializes in Home, Auto, Health and Small Business related insurance and services.

“My #1 priority is to ensure that you get the coverage best suited to your need and that you’ll receive all the benefits you’re entitled to.”
Howell Silverman