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  • Floods, Earthquake, Mudslides Insurance

    Floods, Earthquake, Mudslides Insurance

    Do You Have Coverage in Case a Disaster Hits?

    Homeowners insurance covers the most common dangers that we’ll probably be exposed to. Fire, lightning and internal explosion (like a furnace exploding) are examples of threats covered on most homeowners insurance policies. However, there are other dangers that you might consider worth adding to your homeowners policy.

  • Umbrella Insurance – An extra step to peace of mind

    Umbrella Insurance – An extra step to peace of mind

    What is peace of mind worth to you? For some, it’s knowing that they are protecting their assets and future with personal umbrella liability insurance.

  • Do You Need Flood Insurance?

    Do You Need Flood Insurance?

    With spring not only do we get warmer temperatures but we also get rain and melting snow. And, until the ground thaws, melting snow and rain can’t be absorbed. Once it melts, the water can result in the overflow of streams, rivers and lakes that flood nearby homes and businesses. All this may lead to flooding.

  • How Much Homeowners Insurance Do You Need?

    How Much Homeowners Insurance Do You Need?

    When buying a home you think about the mortgage and the bills associated with owning a home. But, just as important, is to figure out what your homeowners insurance will cost.


  • Renters Insurance 101

    Renters Insurance 101

    Are you renting an apartment? If so, keep in mind that it’s up to you to protect your personal belongings from damage or theft with renters insurance.

    Your landlord insures the building in which you live. However, it’s up to you to protect what is inside your apartment? As a renter, you need insurance to cover your personal things, such as clothing, furniture or electronic equipment.

  • About Homeowner’s Insurance

    About Homeowner’s Insurance

    There are four key components consisting of:

    1. Coverage for the structure of your home.
    2. Coverage for your personal belongings.
    3. Liability protection.
    4. Living expenses in case you are temporarily unable to live in your home due to a fire or other insured disaster.
  • What are the Costs if Your Business is Impacted by a Disaster

    What are the Costs if Your Business is Impacted by a Disaster


    How quickly your business can return to full operations after a major disaster such as a storm, fire, or a flood often depends on emergency planning you do today!

  • Small Business Insurance Basics

    Small Business Insurance Basics

    No matter what the size is of your business you will need some level of insurance to protect you and your business. For small businesses, insurers often combine a number of insurance policies into a package sold as a single contract. The most common policy for small businesses is the Business Owners Policy (BOP).